Finally voice over Indonesia is launched

Deep Indonesian Male  Voice Over Artist

Deep Indonesian Voice Over

After thinking about building a voice over Website for over three months, I decided to create my own WordPress-based site five days ago, thanks to Ahnan Alex, a translator friend from Pasuruan, for encouraging me. I bought the hosting and domain from SiteGround as suggested by my Indian friend Arvind Gupta. Arvind, who is the CEO of, a mobile blogging platform, also helped me with some tweaks on the site.

The idea of building a Website has been long thought since I was in Jakarta. Although I had experiences with WordPres self-hosting, in fact, this is my first time buying a hosting and domain–so far I had relied on free hosting services like 000Webhost or, which both have very limited features and bandwidth.

Why did I decide not to buy hosting or domain from Indonesia? Well, because I want to thank international people for using either my design or voice over services. They have been a good source of money to support my family and myself in the capital city.

For having a Website for a year, I paid $47 which is equal to Rp600.000.  I didn’t see PayPal payment method in the SiteGround Website, and I was thinking about canceling my plan to buy from SiteGround. Arvind said, however, based on his research on Google, that buyer could pay through PayPal by contacting customer services.

So here it is,, your Indonesian voice over Website which offers male deep voice for your products, TV commercials, documentary film, etc. Just go to my contact page to ask questions or a quote, or visit this page to place an order. Make sure you enter your email correctly and check your inbox for a response from me.

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