Vocal fry is not deep voice

Vocal fry, which is popular among American women, especially teenagers, is creeping USA. This speaking style comes from pop stars such as Ke$ha and Britney Spears. You can hear the creaky, raspy voice exemplifying when Britney sings “Oh baby, baby, baby.”

Vocal fry or glottal fry or creaky voice VS deep voice

Vocal fry is popular among young women in USA.

In Indonesia, teenagers prefer diction and intonation rather than creaky voice to make themselves exclusive from other groups. Alay, as we call it, speak in such a style they think it is cool.

Difference of vocal fry and deep voice

First of all, vocal fry is also called glottal fry, croak, pulse register, strohbass, laryngealisation, pulse phonation, popcorning, glottal rattle, glottal scrape, or creaky voice. Doctors considered vocal fry as a speech disorder, at least in the past. Thus, talking using glottal fry can be irritating for some people. Young women who like using vocal fry employ the speech tactic at the ends of sentences, making it sound sexy and seducing to their own ears.

Deep voice, on the other hand, has authority and attracts people to listen. Do you think why all movie trailer guys must have deep voice? People with deep voice do not try to sound raspy or creaky. While vocal fry is made very artificially, deep voice comes very naturally and is nice and calming to hear. You can train yourself to do vocal fry, but to have deep voice, no training can help much. Although some people believe smoking can make their voice deeper, the fact is that it’s a gift from God.

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