Portable vocal booth for voice over artists

Inspired by a video on YouTube, I rode a bike with Arul, bought two panels of cardbox, and brought the materials to Habibi’s house in Paciran to make what I call as portable studio. Habibi is an artist and good carpenter. When I came to his house yesterday, I was amazed by his hand-made cupboard, which he created using some sheets of cheap paper he got from photocopy centers.

If you’ve never heard about portable studio, the following picture will help.

Porta booth for voice over indonesia

Yes, as a voice over artist, I want to be ready anywhere and anytime a client requests my samples or asks for a quick custom demo of my deep voice. The problem for most voice actors: They are not always in a room that is suitable for voice recording. Very often their voice bounces and reflects from the wall, creating annoying echoes.

How much is portable vocal booth?

Portable vocal booth, or you may call it portable voice over booth, costs $100 to $300 in Amazon. That is around Rp1 million to Rp3 million in Indonesian Rupiah—a lot of money.

However, if you’re smart enough, you can actually make a DIY booth and spend less than $40 to buy simple stuff like cardbox and musical foam. Check this YouTube video to see how you make it.

Portable sound booth test

I haven’t finished my portable booth yet, but according to this guy in the video, as you can hear, the sound quality is much thicker and fuller, removing echoes and background noises produced by the room. It improves the audio quality and saves you from tiring post production process. For those who don’t have their own studio but seek professional recording, this booth can be be a solution. Sound booth, combined with pop filter and good audio editing, gives such a good result people will not notice it’s recorded from your toilet.

Booth styles you may want to try

After googling for several ideas, including the size, shape, and color of the booth, I came across different types of sound booth. Two of my favorites are round and cube. The following pictures may give you ideas in the design.




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