I also record Javanese voice over

Javanese male voice over with deep voiceAs a Javanese, I speak the language in my everyday life in Lamongan, East Java–although in some parts of Java, such as Semarang and Yogyakarta, people like to use Indonesian to sound cool. For me, the Javanese language has its own beauty with a wide range of vocabulary. Even in Jakarta, I still have difficulties saying things or expressing my Javanese thoughts in Indonesian because it doesn’t have some of the equivalents of my Javanese words.

To appreciate the Javanese language, which is my mother tongue, Deep Indonesian Voice Over offers you a voice over service in Javanese. And as usual, you cannot offer things without samples, so here is my voice in Javanese:


Go to this page to place your order, or listen to other samples here. If you have questions and want a quote of my Javanese or Indonesian voice over, just contact me. DeepIndoVoice.com is your fast and trusted voice over Website.

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