Great time for Indonesian voice over

Voice bunny deep Indonesian voice overBesides building this Website and making my own studio at home, the great thing that I’m so excited about this year is being accepted by Voice Bunny and getting to know with more people in Indonesian voice over world. I also bought a new microphone from Lazada, which will arrive in just a few days.

Why meeting people are amazing? First, because they are very good and amazing people. Second, it’s my honor to work with them–one of them has a big name in music industry and has done the audio stuff for national big musician like Noah. This year is the year full of blessings.

Despite late delivery, my microphone is another blessing this year. I bought it for almost a million rupiahs, which is a lot of money for me. But comparing to what I will produce after having this microphone, it’s worth it. I don’t need to mention what microphone it is, but with this mic, I can record my deep voice wherever I go, as long as there is a laptop, source of electricity, and my new portable voice over booth.

Voice Bunny, one of the biggest voice over Websites, has a posting on how to make DIY vocal booth. And it really helps, thanks for that and for accepting me to join in the site.

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