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Voice sample in Bahasa Indonesia

I recorded a voice sample for my friends in The Eternal Bliss, a community based in Lamongan, East Java. You can either listen to the mp3 or watch the video clip below. And you can get this voice to read your scripts of course by contacting me. I’d be happy to work with you.


Processing voice over

Normalization is something that makes everything louder. It’s different from compression which just makes the loud stuff softer and the softer stuff louder.

Editing audio voice

Read More

Microphone for voice over at Indonesian price

Samson USB microphone for indonesian voice overTo start a voice over business, the first thing you need to have is, of course, your voice. When you have a good voice, and are able to deliver messages with power and clarity, the next equipment you must have is a condenser microphone. You can choose from various types, but the quality of the microphone really depends on the price. The higher you pay, the better usually the microphone is.  Read More

Gratitude in deep Indonesian voice

Gratitude deep indonesian bahasa voice overWhat is it that makes you grateful? If you’re sensitive enough to see everything around you, you can find gratitude everywhere, things that you are grateful for. The following audio, recorded with Samson C03 condenser microphone, was narrated in bahasa Indonesia using my deep voice.  Read More

How I use my deep voice to read Indonesian narration of Fishy Sweat

Fishy Sweat, a documentary movie about TPI Brondong

Fishy Sweat, a documentary movie about TPI Brondong

Fishy Sweat, my first short documentary movie, will be released in a week. This post will tell you how I do the voice over from my bedroom with portable booth. The process is really quick. After I typed and printed the narration, I put the script inside the vocal booth–a box with acoustic foam–along with the torch from my power bank.

As the microphone was connected to the laptop, I started to record, and it took only 10 or 15 minutes. The editing, however, which I did on Audacity, took about 30 minutes, including cleaning and equalizing. Read More

Fishy Sweat, a movie about TPI Brondong

You’re about to watch Fishy Sweat, a short documentary movie that features the Fish Auction Center (TPI) Brondong, which we released on September 3, 2015. You can watch it as a streaming video or download the movie to your phone or computer for free.

In the process of the movie, we used an Android phone to shoot the videos and spent four hours taking pictures in TPI Brondong, blending with many fish and sweaty workers. It takes five days to discuss what we need to put in the movie and which scenes need deleting. TPI Brondong, where 300 tons of fish are sold every day, is a place for you who seek fresh fish for your seafood dinner. Read More

I also record Javanese voice over

Javanese male voice over with deep voiceAs a Javanese, I speak the language in my everyday life in Lamongan, East Java–although in some parts of Java, such as Semarang and Yogyakarta, people like to use Indonesian to sound cool. For me, the Javanese language has its own beauty with a wide range of vocabulary. Even in Jakarta, I still have difficulties saying things or expressing my Javanese thoughts in Indonesian because it doesn’t have some of the equivalents of my Javanese words. Read More

Great time for Indonesian voice over

Voice bunny deep Indonesian voice overBesides building this Website and making my own studio at home, the great thing that I’m so excited about this year is being accepted by Voice Bunny and getting to know with more people in Indonesian voice over world. I also bought a new microphone from Lazada, which will arrive in just a few days. Read More

Indonesian voice over for next level

Deep Indonesian Voice Over Next LevelI have a good chance to work with Roni Chandra, a sound engineer and professional music director. He contacted me on Facebook inbox two days ago, and as I checked his profile, I found that we didn’t have mutual friends, which means he added me on purpose. While working with many international companies, in fact, I rarely do voice over for Indonesian people, so Chandra is my second client from the country after Ahnan Alex, a translator and successful entrepreneur living in Pasuruan, East Java. Read More

Portable vocal booth for voice over artists

Inspired by a video on YouTube, I rode a bike with Arul, bought two panels of cardbox, and brought the materials to Habibi’s house in Paciran to make what I call as portable studio. Habibi is an artist and good carpenter. When I came to his house yesterday, I was amazed by his hand-made cupboard, which he created using some sheets of cheap paper he got from photocopy centers. Read More