Does smoking make your voice deeper?

Smoking-make-voice-deeperI received a silly question on Facebook about how I get my deep voice without smoking. My Facebook friend believes that men who have deep voice must smoke or drink. Smoking and drinking habit, he thinks, cracks his throat, resulting in worn-out voice which, if you know how to use it well, sounds very, very crispy.

My answer: Deep voice has nothing to do with smoking or drinking. Smoking damages the larynx and esophogus and thus the voice is more raspy and deeper sounding, but it’s basically not true that you will produce such a good, smooth and deep voice from the two habits. Deep voice comes from the muscles in your throat. In some men, these muscles are thicker; while others have smaller muscles–making their voice high-pitched.

If you have deep, manly voice, you should thank God for the gift. High-pitched voice, however, can be changed to be a little deeper–only a title. You cannot expect deeper voice when your throat muscles are designed that way. Even any audio softwares cannot help you reach the effect of real deep voice.

How to make your voice deeper

As we know, every human being has been gifted a unique voice with its own beauty and characteristics. You cannot change that. But if somehow a voice over artist with high-pitched tone craves for deeper, raspy voice, the following things may help.

  • Relax
  • Record in the morning
  • Drink tea or coffee


According to my Indonesian voice over friend Bram Wijaya, who doesn’t have deep voice by nature but speaks very deep in the studio, strong and thicker voice can be produced by relaxing yourself while recording. In one interview, Morgan Freeman said that he got his deep voice from yawning a lot. Yawning, says Freeman, helps you relax your throat.

Record in the morning

I have tried it myself. My voice–and actually your voice too–is deeper when I wake up in the morning. I always wish I could maintain that raspy voice all day long. The reason why our voice sounds good in the morning is: During sleep, the tissues in our throat collect fluid, which is also what causes eyes to look puffy when waking up in the morning. So if you have any voice over projects that require deep voice, do it in the morning, right after you wake up.

Drink tea or coffee

Although not scientifically proven, drinking tea or coffee without sugar does help improve your voice. This advice comes from my friend Wijaya, a radio announcer in Bali, who claims to always drink tea before he starts recording his voice. You can prove it yourself.

You can deepen your voice by speaking through your abdomen, or from trying the above tips, not from smoking. Even if smoking changes your voice a little, the voice doesn’t sound attractive at all. A 60-year-old woman who smoked her whole life would speak with a rasping voice like a man, and you don’t want that kind of voice, do you?

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  1. K says:

    As a girl with a natural raspy voice, thanks for making me feel bad.

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